Digital Marketing

Digital is all around us and has transformed the rules of audience engagement. As one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka, we have imbibed the essence of digital within us. We walk with our clients step by step as partners, not just vendors. When you work with us, you get to leverage our carefully-created relationships with social communities and online influencers.

We are a professional Digital Marketing Company that creates unique digital strategies for your business. We take pride in delivering the desired results to our clients. Our digital experts ensure that the work we do is a complete bug-free solution guaranteed to meet all expectations. Our services are cost-effective and we deliver results on-time, come what may.

Our Approach

The digital environment is getting increasingly social. The rules of engagement have changed. The key is to ignite conversations and build relationships. And that’s exactly what we help you do.

Digital Marketing is one of the surest paths to increase your business Return on investment. Our company provides efficient and effective digital marketing services through different approaches like increasing website traffic, building your brand, creating strategies based on the target audience and understanding the pulse of the people.

Together, we can gain insight into the minds of your consumers, spark conversations and build long-lasting relationships. We measure our success by how effectively we can build the online presence of your brand

Our Digital Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing

Social media has lately become an intrinsic component of any online marketing plan and no brand today can sustain without a well-considered social media plan. While managing social media for our clients, we adopt a holistic approach that leverages multiple social media websites and tools. We believe that for a brand to succeed socially, we need to keep high the levels of audience engagement with meaningful online conversations.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your website is your workplace on the web and it survives on visibility. The SEO environment is today governed by strict parameters and only a specialized agency can sustain and deliver the results that your business requires. Our team of seasoned SEO professionals will walk the tight rope for you and ensure top rankings for your website.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

When it comes to the challenge of generating leads and increasing visitor count on your website, organic effort cannot deliver results in isolation. As a trusted and specialized digital marketing company in India, we engage PPC to complement our efforts in improving visitor count on client websites.

Email Marketing

We use our proprietary tool to manage email marketing campaigns for various global clients. Our in-house capabilities in HTML, design, content and database analysis enable us to create bespoke email communications that deliver results. Our proprietary email marketing tool allows effortless creation of mailing lists and completes reporting on the basis of non-deliverables, bounces, and e-mail forwarding stats.

Website Copywriting

Well written and crafted copy can engage the audience, influence behavior and initiate online conversations. Our content professionals are well-versed with the art of creating compelling content and can help you in forming an effective brand personality with its unique tone that is trusted, friendly and approachable.